Happy Campers

The camping is in the beautiful parkland of Hole Park Estate, there are no allocated pitches, if you wish to camp with friends please try and arrive together or the first to arrive can head for the biggest space and save room for friends. There will be enough room for gazebo’s & canopies, but please be aware of your fellow campers needs too.  You will need to pitch adjacent to other tents, there will be space next to the camping area for families to eat and play, so please camp close to your neighbors.

If families in tents want to camp with families in campervans or caravans that’s fine but please pitch your tents sensibly and keep an eye on your children in case of moving vehicles.

Please note :
All day ticket cars will remain in the car park area

Cooking and Fires

We absolutely love campfires, however we are restricted to the main village circle fire pit.

There are no fires allowed anywhere else on site, the same rules apply in the camping areas. Any cooking equipment must be raised off the floor by at least 15cm (6inch) to prevent fires and damage to the grass. The last thing we want is for the site owners not to let us back next year. If you are changing gas canisters for your cooker, please do so outside and some distance away from the tents.
No fire pits may be dug on the site due to animals using it for grazing after the event.

Also, and for safety reasons, please don’t use candles or lanterns containing candles in the camping areas.

Chinese lanterns are also banned as the wire within them is very dangerous to livestock.

Please be sensible and help us to keep the festival and surrounding countryside safe.


There are toilets situated around the site. Your camping area may not be right next door to the loo, but should be no more than a few minutes walk. The toilets are for this year portable loos and will be serviced each morning. If you notice that toilets have run out of loo paper or are getting a bit dirty then please let a steward know.

You are welcome to bring your own loo or if you have one in your campervan/caravan there is a disposal tank on site in the camping area to empty your tank before leaving.

It is imperative we leave the site as we found it and so bins will be provided for waste disposal or even better please take home with you as much as you can.
We also ask that all smokers do not leave their butts on the ground but dispose of them responsibly.


On arrival to the festival campers will be given two bin bags, the black one for general rubbish and the clear one for all recyclables. If you fill your bin bags there will be more tied to the disposal points or in the reception tent. You must aim to leave your camping spot as you found it, take everything home with you and leave all waste in the waste area provided. Please make a special effort to take all of your tent pegs with you as sheep live on these fields the rest of the year round.


Water is available from stand pipes around the site – this is drinking water but please don’t drink directly from the taps, bring a water bottle with you. You mustn’t use the stand pipes for washing yourselves or your pots.


Please respect the other festival-goers to make our festival a safe and enjoyable one for everyone.

Everyone is going to get along famously, but the Roots Gathering reserves the right to eject anyone from the festival site if we deem your behavior to be antisocial or inappropriate in any way.

Children are the responsibility of their parent/guardian at ALL times.